End off 2016 and beginning of 2017



It was a very successful year for Neo Geo Store, we made a lot of happy gamers and happy sellers, the new website is finally finished and up and running.


After a lot of requests we are going to expand the site with a new category were you can find other Retro gaming goodness like PC Engine, Panasonic 3DO, Atari, Nintendo and everything else from the 90’s gaming scene.

The Facebook page exploded with new followers and customers. For 2017 we are going to plan a lot more like, share and win GIVE AWAYs and off course we are going to provide you with news about the new SNK corporation and new upcoming games for the PS4 and also keeping you updated with new stock and great Neo Geo Art and ads.

We made a lot of new connections for Neo Geo products in Japan, Europe and the US, so we are going to provide you with the best deals and weekly (every monday) updates. In the new year you can also expect us in a lot of Retro Gaming exhibitions in Europe.

In 2017 we are going to expand our customer service. So if you want to contact us with questions or if you are looking for a game, console, gadget or accessoires just send us a PM on Facebook, just go to the contact page on our site or send us an email to INFO@NEOGEOSTORE.COM and expect an answer within the hour.

Also we are going to provide you with a weekly BLOG (this is the first one) with all details of new games, consoles, SNK news, stories from people in the SNK scene, crazy collectors and much more…!

We hope to announce in 2017 our new sponsors, we are talking with sum heavy hitters in the K1 kickboxing scene (Japan) and UFC.

We hope this was a wonderfull gaming year for you and we hope 2017 will fill your year with a lot of cool Neo Geo games, consoles and accessoires…!

Keep the Neo Geo spirit alive, it has so much wonderful and insane consoles and games that people all over the world still cherish and going crazy over….! Nobody could possible imagine that such a (highly expensive) product could still steal the hearts of many gamers all the world.

The Future is NOW


Neo Geo Store