Neo Geo Memory card
Neo Geo Memory card

Neo Geo AES Accessoires | Memory card


Neo Geo AES accessoires, good condition, used.

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JEIDA V3 memory cards used in AES and some MVS systems to store game saves and/or high scores. The original SNK card could only hold 2KiB of data.
Picture by HPMAN
The official SNK memory card was a battery-based 2KiB card using a LH5116 CMOS SRAM chip and voltage switching circuitry. Data retention voltage: 2V.

The SP-S2 system ROM can handle memory cards up to 16KiB

Replaced by a 8KiB fixed battery-backed RAM chip in the CD systems.

See the CARD BIOS call description for memory card operations.

BIOS can handle 8 different card size (2K, 4K, 6K, 8K, 10K, 14K and 16K) and different card type (8 bits wide, 16 bits wide, 16 bits doubled wide and SNK ROM card).

All the data here are for all the card, it’s just a matter on how to read the data between different type of card.

The internal card data are splitted into 5 regions.