World Heroes 2 Jet Neo Geo AES
World Heroes 2 Jet AESWorld Heroes 2 Jet AESWorld Heroes 2 Jet AESWorld Heroes 2 Jet AESWorld Heroes 2 Jet AES

Neo Geo AES game | World Heroes 2 Jet | Japanese version | CIB


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World Heroes 2 Jet (ワールド ヒーローズ2 ジェト?) is a 1994 fighting arcade game developed and published by ADK with the assistance of SNK (now known as SNK Playmore). It was originally released for the Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet on April 26, 1994. It is the sequel to the 1993 fighting arcade game World Heroes 2, as well as the third title of the World Heroes series.

It was followed by a sequel released over a year later titled World Heroes Perfect.

World Heroes 2 Jet has half the elements of its predecessor, such as the same three out of four button layout (“A” to punch, “B” to kick, and “C” to either throw or “Challenge”, which is taunting), movements and motion commands performed using an 8-way joystick. New additions include three new characters and new and modified moves and fighting statistics added to the playable characters returning from the first two World Heroes titles. Also, the word “Jet” in the title not only refers to faster movement, but also the ability to perform forward and backward dashing. Another new addition is when two attacks hit each other, they’ll rebound. The “Normal Game” and “Death Match” modes are replaced by “Entry to the tournament” and “The FORGING OF WARRIORS”:

In “Entry to the tournament”, the object is to first face three groups that have three opponents per group, and defeat at least two out of three opponents per group. Second, the player must defeat Captain Kidd in at least two of three rounds. Third, the player must defeat Hanzou the same way. Finally, the player must defeat Zeus’ henchmen Jack and Ryofu before defeating Zeus himself.

In “The FORGING OF WARRIORS”, the player selects an opponent to fight against. The rule in each battle against a character, like in most fighting games at the time of its release, requires the player to win two out of three rounds to completely win against the opponent. If the timer runs out before anyone is knocked out, the one with the most health in his/her lifebars wins. Once the player wins or loses, the player returns to the “Player Select” and “Enemy Select” screens. However, after winning against three opponents in a row, the game ends. This is the only mode up to two players can play against each other. Depending on what CPU-controlled opponent or second player’s character is chosen, the stage both players will fight on will be the second character’s stage from World Heroes 2; however, for characters introduced in World Heroes 2 Jet, the battle would take place on their stages exclusively shown in this mode.

After the defeat of both Dio and Neo Geegus at the end of World Heroes 2, the world was saved from the threatening danger and that the 14 fighters who had participated in the World Heroes tournament had returned to their own respective time periods. However, one year later, the 14 fighters had received invitations to a new fighting tournament known as the World Heroes Battle Fest and that this tournament would take place over the next five days in different parts of the world, being watched by millions of fighting fans. Surprisingly, the 14 fighters learn that Dr. Brown isn’t the one who’s sponsoring the tournament, but rather, a mysterious millionaire who is known simply as Mr. Z to the public. As the 14 fighters prepare themselves for the World Heroes Battle Fest, none of them have no clue or idea that Mr. Z has his own callous ambition for world domination and with the assistance of his two loyal servants, he vows to eliminate anyone who dares to get in his ruthless wayFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia