Busta Move / Puzzle Bobble Mini
Busta Move / Puzzle Bobble MiniBusta Move / Puzzle Bobble Mini

Neo Geo Pocket Game | COLOR | Busta Move / Puzzle Bobble Mini | UK version | CIB


Neo Geo Pocket COOR game, complete in box, very good condition, used, UK version.

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Bust-A-Move Pocket, also called Puzzle Bobble Mini, is a Neo Geo Pocket Color version of the Bust-A-Move (Puzzle Bobble) series of puzzle games. It was released on the Neo Geo Pocket Color by Taito in 1999.

The format is similar to Bust-A-Move 2 for the PlayStation. The game’s Puzzle mode includes a feature that saves initials of those who have completed the level in the fastest time. The game contains a survivor mode where the player has to burst the oncoming bubbles, making sure they don’t reach the bottom line which spells the end of the game. Also present is a vs CPU mode, where the player can compete against a selection of eight characters.