Masters of Syougi
Masters of SyougiMasters of Syougi

Neo Geo Pocket Game | COLOR | Masters of Syougi | Japanese version | CIB | Rare

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Neo Geo Pocket COLOR game, complete in box, very good condition, used, Japanese version.

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Syougi no Tatsujin (literally Master of Syougi) is a 1995 puzzle video game. It was released in Arcades in 1995 before being ported to the Neo Geo CD the same year. It was ported in a scaled-down version to the Neo Geo Pocket Color. It was only released in Japan.

Syougi no Tatsujin is a Japanese style chess game. In single player mode the player must compete against computerized opponents (represented by a digitized photograph) to win the tournament. In two player mode, each player competes against each another.