Melon - Chan's grow diary
Melon - Chan's growth diaryMelon - Chan's growth diary

Neo Geo Pocket Game | Melon – Chan’s growth diary | Japanese version | CIB


Neo Geo Pocket MONOCHROME game, complete in box, very good condition, used, Japanese version.

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Melon Chan’s Growth Diary (Japan: Melon-chan no Seichouki) is a Life simulation game it is comparable to Tamagotchi and other virtual life simulations. In Melon Chan’s Growth Diary the player raises and nurtures little girl Melon Chan. The games was only released in Japan and was one of the earliest titles released for the Neo Geo Pocket.

The game was released for the Neo Geo Pocket and features monochrome graphics; however the Neo Geo Pocket Color is backwards compatible with the game.

A sequel called Melon-Chan Growth Diary 2 was planned but was cancelled.